Introducing two new classes that are filling up!  Invite Moving Wisdom to come to your event to teach JEWmba™ or Parsha Yoga™ in your community…

JEWmba™, or Jewish Music and Bodies in Action, is a fun-filled recreational dance/movement class which incorporates creative dance, exercise, Israeli dancing, Jewish music and themes, ethnic humor, and tikkun olam.  Sound too good to be true?  We firmly believe that being in our bodies in a way that is fun and joyful gives us the chance to renew our commitment to ourselves, our communities and our world.  JEWmba™ is an exercise class, and is more than an exercise class.  From kvetch-n-stretch to embodying the movement from our tradition, to just letting ourselves open to the joy and freedom of our bodies, this class has something for you.  You will learn some set dances as well as find the dance within yourself… try it, you’ll like it!

Parsha Yoga™ combines two traditions: the art of the ancient Yoga asanas and the weekly portion of our ancestors.  Each parsha is a story that we can embody, from the simple story to a more personal interpretation.  The class is organized around themes of each parsha and while keeping the traditions of a typical Iyengar Yoga class, allows for reflection and personal discovery of those themes physically.

These classes are being offered in our local western MA community and are available to any shul, youth group, women or men’s group, or any other Jewish or faith-based group.  No prior experience in either movement or yoga is necessary.

Moving Wisdom believes that inCORPORating the body into knowledge and underSTANDing makes a better world – for everyone.