To Please The Desert

Choreography: Jodi Falk, 1994 at Queen Elizabeth Hall, dancers from CandoCo dance company, UK. Dancers: David Toole and Kuldip Singh-Barmi. Music: Rodriguez and de Lucia.
An investigation of what virtuosity and ability really are, this choreography foregrounds possibility over disability.

Wives’ Tales

Choreographer and dancer Jodi Falk, original performance at The Place, London, UK, 1994. Music traditional.
“Why buy the cow, when you can have the milk for free?” This is a line I heard in my young adulthood. This choreography plays with the subtext of that line, intermingled with the tale in the music. A woman taken advantage of – and how she tries to get back at her transgressor.

Excerpts from Sakkorausch

Choreography and dancing by Jodi Falk, 1995, with Theatre Ohne Grenzen, at the Vienna Festival, performed in the old Remise. Story about Helene von Druskovitz, a Viennese female philosopher who was sentenced to an insane asylum for advocating for equal rights for women.


Choreography and dancing by Jodi Falk

Community-Engaged Dance Projects

Social Justice Through Dance

A community dance project with Springfield Center of the Arts High School and University of Massachusetts students in 2015. The topic, violence in our communities and homes, came from discussions with the students. The final performance was at the University of Massachusetts in a public space, performed like a flashmob, exposing the reality that violence is all around us and safety must come from connecting with and caring for each other.

Hampshire And Tree

A community dance project with Treehouse Community in Easthampton, an intergenerational foster community, and Hampshire College students in 2014. This video shows a multi-modal workshop that included diverse abilities.

Community Dance Project

An amalgam of the community dance project with Holyoke Boys and Girls Club and students from Mt. Holyoke College in 2013. Breaking barriers between these two groups through physical activities and creating dances together.