Feedback from secular and spiritual arenas:


“Keep this professor!”

“Jodi was super high energy, individualized the lessons for all of us, and was wonderfully flexible, supportive, and fun!”

“Jodi is the most inspiring professor.  She is always positive and is extremely knowledgeable in teaching children across the curriculum.”

“Jodi was one of the most motivated, kind, knowledgeable and helpful teachers I have ever had.”

“She was absolutely fabulous.  She taught us and encouraged us about how to use our bodies to enhance learning and express feelings.”

“She is excellent, engaging and inspirational.”


“You have so much Light. I study these big words in the Torah, like Emet, and not sure where/what they are – you ARE them.”

“You showed me how to see everything as new, how to be grateful, and aware.”

“You showed us how to be connected to our soul – so, connected to our Judaism.”   We got deep into our bodies, but with a smile!”

“You give specific instructions for improvisation, so I can really learn and play.”

“For the first time in dancing, I felt my whole body breathing. I felt the air flow throughout my body.”

“I feel relaxed after your classes, like I can be and am myself.”

“I felt I had a place to meet myself.”

“You have such a big heart – that is what I tell everyone, and so we learned from your love.”

“You get from a teacher what she/he gives out, and you give love.”