Classes, residencies and workshops in dance, dance as a tool for social justice, finding your voice, and dance for vulnerable populations. Write to movingwisdom for more information, to commission a residency or to inquire about our schedule. Also…

Workshops and Residencies

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This class offers the absolute freedom of dancing from our souls.  Movement, improvisation, and personal or global story makes up the class that is freeing, invigorating, warming, and emotionally evocative.  We can dance out our fears, and sway in our dreams.  We can still our minds, and free our souls.

Judaism and Dance: Emuna ve Omenut

Grounded in the philosophy that as we are created in the image of the Divine, we create images, through the medium of our body, which are divine.  Emuna ve Omenut focuses on the ability of each individual to reach his/her divine self through movement, music, writing, and drawing.  Using either the text of Jewish scriptures, or the texts of our own souls, we discover our own creator inside the Creator.

Classes include movement, text study, drawing, discussion, and lots of fun.